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The Ultimate Guide to Launching on Product Hunt

Product Hunt is currently the internet’s darling. Getting to the top of Product Hunt means thousands of users and lots of interest from influencers, overnight. But reaching the top 5 positions in Product Hunt is no easy battle. Still, I managed to get to the top of Product Hunt with nugget, without being know in the online space. I did that by carefully planning and executing the launch.

In The Ultimate Guide to Launching on Product Hunt, I show you step by step how I got in Product Hunt’s top 5, and how you can too.

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12 Tools to Start Your Startup on a Budget

In this short (compared to the 1999 NY phonebook), valuable (you tell me?) and fun (an entrepreneur, a priest, and a rabbi walk into a bar) eBook, I will show you the tools and tactics I (and other entrepreneurs) use when building my startups.

As a bonus, even before we go into the tools, I will show you a trick that can bring you $30K in free credits and tools. Yes, you’ve seen it right. It’s $30 with a K. Most people don’t know about this one.

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