Ovi Negrean — Ovi.co

Chief Executive Bee, Entrepreneur & Startup Advisor

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I was inspired by Derek Sivers so I decided to create a Now page as well, to show what I’m currently working on.


  • Ovi.co – I write about Entrepreneurship, the Alternative Startup Methodology, and building SocialBee
  • HowToStartup.co – 10-day free email course about how to start a startup
  • Advising Snack Box – a B2B Fruit delivery subscription service
  • ..and a couple early stage and still-secret projects 🙂



  • nugget – Discover, Remember and Share the best content of books that make you better -> Sold to 12minutos.
  • Amplexor Romania – Started Amplexor Romania on behalf of Amplexor Belgium -> The Amplexor group was sold to euroscript, which later rebranded itself to Amplexor.



  • The Underdogs – Guided Mastermind Groups for Early Stage Startups
  • Rise Book Club – a Business and Personal Development book club for entrepreneurs
  • … and a few more.


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