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Young OviFrom an early age I loved business and entrepreneurship. Not sure why because I was born in a communist country and my parents were not entrepreneurial at all.

I was also a creator and wanted to be an inventor. I even had a silly box with small mechanical parts, a whirligig, small toy electrical motors and other parts that I wanted to use to create a perpetuum mobile. Again, not sure why. Probably because of its efficiency and its timelessness. Or maybe just because I liked how the word sounded.

At age 10 I started to write my first computer program (that drew a red square on the screen – hell yeah!) and another love was born. (The first love was a cute curly girl. She had twice my age, but that was only because she was six and I was three. Or something like that.)

In a summer while in high school, in order to make some more extra pocket money I worked at a friend’s dad’s factory for 8 hours a day, for a week, doing physical labor. That same week, when I would get home I worked on a website for a local business, for a few hours, doing something I liked.

At the end of the week both jobs paid the same amount but one was hard, boring and tiring while the other one was fun, creative and easy.

That’s when I learned the power of working smart vs working hard.

If you want to read my full resume you can do so on LinkedIn, but just to give you an overview:

I studied two different universities – one for Business and one for Computer Science, because I liked both subjects.

I started a CRM software for dental practices that was ahead of its time so it failed. I started a network for people working in IT. LinkedIn rendered us obsolete so I shut it down.

I worked in different positions at various international IT companies helping build, deliver and win software projects.

I then started a nearshoring office for a Belgian software company in a model similar to the Build-Operate-Transfer model.

I helped start and advised a B2B subscription based fruit delivery company. Fruit as a service. Who says subscription services can only be digital?

I’ve learned a lot during these failures but also during the successes so in 2015 I started nugget.

This whole journey made me have many different skills and experiences so in 2016 I decided to help other companies as well through consulting, masterminds and the content on this site.

Inspired by Derek Sivers, I created a Now page where you can see what I’m currently working on.

Oh, and I’m an ENFP. This should give you a good insight.

.. but enough about me. What about you?

Feel free to contact me, say hi, and tell me your life’s story as well.

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