There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.

Peter Drucker

You’re onto something and you’re ready to grow. But you need to do that in a smart and cost effective way. There are many ways to build a successful product and many mistakes first time entrepreneurs make. Let me guide you through them.

There are many methods and methodologies for product building. And depending on your product and sector there’s one that works best for you.

You need to start with an MVP – Minimum Viable Product. Why? Because otherwise you might end up spending your time and money on features your customers don’t want, need or know how to use.

Regardless of your own ideas about the product, your customers will know best and will be able to guide you to build the best product for them. You’re not Steve Jobs. Even the mighty Steve got a few things wrong and the customers got him on the right track. Like the AppStore. He initially thought it was a bad idea.

Each new release of the product should fix the main bugs, bring new useful features, but increasingly important nowadays is to bring delightful features that don’t have a lot of priceless functionality but instead make your users smile, or wonder at your product’s beauty.

You want your product to be delivered on time, on budget, with a good quality and have a product / market fit.

What can I help you with?

  • Iterative planning and product building
  • Build surprising wow moments into your product
  • Finding a high quality, cost effective development partner

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