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Ovi’s Media Kit

Ovi doesn’t like talking about himself in the 3rd person.

But maybe you need such a text to use in his bio for your site, podcast, or event. So here it goes.

Short version:

Ovi is the co-founder and Chief Executive Bee of SocialBee.io. They offer Tools, Training, and Teams that help Entrepreneurs get More Leads with Less Effort. Ovi loves helping other startups grow.

After 10+ years of experience working in various firms, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, having also some entrepreneurial ventures in between, Ovi jumped full time into the startup world with nugget (acquired) and is now focused on SocialBee.

He has experience in building and managing software development teams; building SaaS and mobile products; creating ROI-positive social media; marketing and product launches.

Ovi developed the Alternative Startup Methodology that shifts the conventional startup model by focusing on the Sell -> Service -> Scale sequence. Instead of building a product nobody wants to pay for, or even instead of creating an MVP, you have to SELL the results first -> SERVICE the customer second -> and only then SCALE the business. This will get you started fast and put you on the right path, while also decreasing risk and increasing the chances of success.

He is passionate about helping startups succeed in building great products, finding the appropriate launch sequence, and the best levers to grow. He’s also an idea machine and can really help with brainstorming.

You can also find him on Medium, TwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook.

His imaginary friends say he’s a fun guy.

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