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I help businesses launch with a bang even if they don’t have an existing audience :)

Ovi, help me launch with a bang

If a tree falls in a forest and nobody’s around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Some ancient philosopher

YOLO – You Only Launch Once.

If done properly, you can turn your launch into a massive, profitable event. But orchestrating the perfect launch is not easy. There are many moving pieces you have to know of and know how to best use. Don’t you want to do it right?

If you just hit the publish button and don’t do a proper launch will anybody hear about your book, product or service?

You Only Launch Once so make sure you take full advantage of this unique event.

It’s a moment when you can get your friends and followers to rally behind your book, product or service to create a large momentum.

It’s a moment when you can get the press – be it traditional or modern digital outlets – to take an interest in you and amplify your story.

It’s a moment when you can step into the business world with a big bang or when you will hear crickets.

There are many tools, tips and tricks that can be used in a successful launch. I’ve used many of them in the launches I’ve been a part of, or seen other successful businesses use.

Choosing the right tools from this large toolbox and using them properly is no easy task.

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