12 tools to start your startup on a budget


It’s never been easier and cheaper to build a startup. What just a few years ago meant millions of dollars in software engineering salaries, infrastructure, and servers (yes, people used to buy their own big, physical servers and stack them in cooled rooms) you can now do virtually for free.

On the flip side, it’s harder and harder to pick the right tools from the vast options of free and paid tools.

In this short (compared to the 1999 NY phonebook), valuable (you tell me?) and fun (an entrepreneur, a priest and a rabbi walk into a bar) article I will show you the tools and tactics I (and other entrepreneurs) use when building my startups.

As a bonus, even before we go into the tools, I will show you a trick that can bring you $30K in free credits and tools. Yes, you’ve seen it right. It’s $30 with a K. Most people don’t know about this one. (more…)

Did you delight your users today?


The days of creating a bad product and having success with it are gone.

Unless you have some sort of monopoly, you can’t create products that are not functional, with a great UX, amazing design and that also delight. Well, you can (many do), but they will fail and the market will ‘crush you like the cockroaches they are’, to quote one of my favourite sharks. (more…)

Rise to the top in 2016

Rise Book Club Poster

Mark Zuckerberg does it. Bill Gates does it. Warren Buffett does it.

And they do it each month!

Hey! You dirty little mind. What were you thinking about?

I meant they – and other top entrepreneurs, business professionals, and great people in general – (more…)

2016 – Here we go

start to be great

A new year. A new page. Or 365 (actually this year 366) blank pages for you to write your story. And other similar cliches.

At the start of a new year many people make resolutions and a few days, weeks or months into it, most people break them. (more…)