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Chief Executive Bee, Entrepreneur & Startup Advisor

As any Entrepreneurial Journey, this site is a Work in Progress

I write about Entrepreneurship, the Alternative Startup Methodology, and building SocialBee.

About Ovi

After 10+ years of experience working in various firms, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, having also some entrepreneurial ventures in between, I jumped full time into the startup world with nugget (acquired) and am now focused on SocialBee.

I am passionate about helping startups succeed in finding the appropriate launch sequence and the best levers to grow.

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nugget is dead. Long live SocialBee!

We started nugget over a year ago to improve the world through compressed knowledge. We failed. We did manage to build a great app and get a decent number of people to download it, but we failed at something fundamental to a business: retaining and monetizing those...

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