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Product Creation
Build the right product, at the right time, for the right audience. Find out more.
Launch Strategy
YOLO – You Only Launch Once. Don’t you want to do it right? Find out more.
Mastermind Groups
One of the best kept secrets of top entrepreneurs’ success. Find out more.

Why me?

I’ve been in the IT space for over a dozen years and have seen this industry evolve from the desktop space, to the online world and now to the mobile devices revolution. I’ve seen promising companies fade out because they focused on the wrong things or did not have the power and expertise to speed up development and growth when it was needed. I’ve helped online and offline companies launch and grow from a position of leadership, management, advisory or boots on the ground. I’ve had my fair share of failure and success. I’ve surrounded myself with people way smarter than I am to help me grow. I’ve understood that entrepreneurship can be a lonely game and you need all the support you can get to get to and stay at the top. I can do that for you, too.

Don’t take my word. Take theirs.

Ovi helped me think outside the box. Without his creative thought process InspireLink wouldn’t have the clarity it has today. Brian Benson

Founder & CEO, Inspire Link

Reaching out to Ovi was one of the best moves I made. Having a face-to-face call with someone to keep me focused, expand my marketing scope and challenge my current strategy has been one of the healthiest things for my startup. Kimanh le Roux

Founder & CEO, Linklay

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